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    We create efficient BTL-projects



     We’ll assist you in creating clientele databases, manage promo-events and contests as well as develop and implement loyalty programs


     Trade promotion

    This service includes salesperson’s incentive evaluation, implementing internal contests and bonus systems, developing specialized distribution programs and conditions. In other words, we exercise complex approach to improving the retail sales personnel and distributors’ efficiency, as well as to generally boosting the sales.

     The stimulation encompasses vast variety of influence techniques. In the scope of Trade Promotion the BTL-services in Belarus include the following ones: bonuses and contests for sales staff, providing informational support for wholesalers and retailers, stylish POS decoration using brand symbols and POS materials.


     Consumer promotion

    Consumer marketing stimulation. We’ll earn  you a place in the consumer’s heart with the help of the following: exchange of a competitor’s product for a client’s product, “gift-for-a-purchase”, degustations, contests, promo events and promotional material distribution.

     To stimulate the demand we try to influence the emotions driving a consumer to make a purchase. This technique of goods’ marketing is one of the most efficient. It is conducted at POS and includes the following: degustations, promotional materials distribution, promotion in person and experts’ council, carrying out different promotional games and giveaways, distributing gifts, conducting contests and prize drawings.



    We provide a whole range of services improving the sales efficiency: all kinds of merchandising, POS decoration and assessing its efficiency afterwards, professional merchandisers’ services.



    Conducting festive and corporate events, campaigns, presentations of various levels.

     Advantages of working with us:

    • We have an integrated database of professional promo-staff working in Minsk as well as in every region centres and in most of the major cities of Belarus. The staff is experienced having worked on various promo BTL-events.

    • We have a fine tuned system of arranging and managing promotional games, samplings, degustations and events

    • We can lease promotional equipment if needed.

    • We arrange and carry out fast-track turnkey promotional games and events

    • We are experienced in carrying out nationwide promotional games

    • No red tape in paperwork

    Special offers for ad agencies.




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  • Our projects


    Huggies promotion event

    Completion - July, 2016

    Client - Huggies


    A promotion event for the Huggies Elite Soft diapers and paper towels took place in June 2016 in the Chelyuskintsev public park.

    Promo staff walked along the park with branded strollers and balloons, telling pregnant women and women with children younger than 12 months about the advantages of the promoted product and giving away samples.

    Comparative tests with competitors’ produce took place at a stand.

    Similar event is planned for the Gorky Central Children’s Park on July, 23 and July, 24, 2016 from 10am till 6pm.


    EU produce promotion

    Completion - June, 2016

    Presentation and samplings of mastic-derived products from Chios took place in the Victoria hotel. Mastic is a natural resin oil harvested from pistachio trees. This particular kind of resin oil is produced solely on the Greece island of Chios. This mastic is processed to produce almost everything, from bubble gum and liquors to medicines

     The air during the presentation dinner was electric! Among the people present were guests from Greece, Chios Mastic Producers Consortium representatives, as well as Belarusian retailers’ representatives and pharmaceuticals industry’s proxies. The guests enjoyed the event and sampled mastic-derived produce.

     As a part of our work of promoting EU produce during this spring, we organized a series of events introducing to customers such products as olive oil, olives, jams, juices, kiwi fruits, Bulgarian cherries, Bulgarian wines and so on.

     The Victoria hotel forums attract representatives of the major press agencies and business entities.

     The following links provide more info (in Russian):





    Spring promo-event for Nivea

    Completion - June, 2016

    Client - Nivea


    All our “gift-for-a-puchase” events from Nivea go with a bang! This year’s March event was no exception. Our friendly, active, inspiring and communicative promo team will leave no customer behind and will help, explain, show and tell everything one needs to know to get a gift of a beautiful chameleon mug, a family of cute teddy bears, a beach towel and many other gifts provided by the Nivea company


    Nivea For Men fan-zone

    Completion - June, 2016

    Client – Nivea


    May 2014 saw the 78th IIHF world championship take place in Minsk.

    The Nivea branded fan-zone was located at the Minsk-Arena (Belarus, Minsk, Pobeditelei 111) and was a great success both among the Minsk residents and the guests of the capital! Themed entertainment sections were set up, in which anyone could an activity to their liking!

    There were the following activity zones: Nivea Men photo zone (a photographer took pictures of fans donning the hockey equipment, helmet, jersey and holding a hockey-stick); air-hockey zone (where promoters were hosting competitions among the fans); video games zone (where promoters were hosting competitions among the fans); men barbershop zone (where a professional barber using Nivea for men produce shaved anyone who wanted a shave). Anyone could get free Nivea fo Men samples and consult about it with experts for free. All while enjoying stunning cheerleading show.

    This event helped to single out Nivea Men from the array of the championship’s sponsors and reinforced the positive image of the brand through its connection with hockey.


    M&M’s cinema promo campaign

    Completion - April, 2016

    Industry – foodstuff industry, gastronomy, retail, travel, entertainment and recreation

    Client - M&M’s


    During February and March in 2016 cinema goes and M&M’s lovers were able to take part in an outstanding event allowing them to win awesome cinema-prizes just by registering on the www.mmscinema.by web-site and completing a movie quiz.

     Movies are more fun with M&M’s ;)

     It took only one correct answer to have a chance of winning a weekly giveaway of movies-related items, such as Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Sound Bar and a year’s supply of M&M’s to eat while matching a movie. There also were daily giveaways of M&M’s movie posters, a worthy addition to any cinema-goer’s collection. And even if someone did not take part in the quiz, they were able to win 2 movie tickets and/or M&M’s Family Pack – it only took a registration on the www.mmscinema.by web-site to enter that giveaway.  But there were more than just quiz: in the Silver Screen cinemas the patrons were given free small M&M’s packets with every small sweet pop-corn they bought!


     “Milk’s ultrapluses for your family and your purse” promotional game

    Completion - April, 2016

    Industry - foodstuff industry, gastronomy, retail

    Client - Tetra Pak


    Milk is a wondrous gift of nature, it’s tasty and good for you in general. But it is also a source of prizes! This promo action, having taken place from 01.07.2015 till 01.02.2016, was aimed at providing customers with the information about the health benefits and advantages of the Ultra Heat Treated milk in the TetraPak packaging as well as about the technology behind its production.

     Interactive web-site www.omoloke.by

     This promotional event was is a form of a game, as a part of interactive web-site www.omoloke.by. Participants had to fulfill the tasks of the game to get a code, which they then had to register on the web-site and mail the cards with the codes to the PO box “Ultrapluses” (Belarus, Minsk, 220100)

    The participants had a chance to win “100’000 BYR credited to their mobile phones balance” or 50’000’000 BYR in cash.


    Slavneft – The Independence Day

    Completion - July, 2015

    Idustry – vehicle industry, retail, business services

    Client - Славнефть


    3 июля 2015 года мы провели Рекламное мероприятие ко Дню Независимости Республики Беларусь для Клиентов АЗС «Славнефть» в таких городах, как Минск, Могилев, Брест, Лида, Бобруйск. Все посетители АЗС в тот день поучаствовали в ярком промо-шоу с национальным колоритом!

    On July, 3, 2015 we carried out a promotion event for “Slavneft” filling stations’ clients in such cities as Minsk, Mahiliou, Brest, Lida and Babruysk. The event was timed to coincide with the Republic of Belarus’ Independence Day. Every client was able to take part in the colourful ethnically flavoured promo-event.

     A big photo-area with a banner and ethnic Belarusian items was installed on the filling stations’ premises where everyone was able to take a picture with the promo staff dressed in ethnic Belarusian clothes. The printed pictures bore the Slavneft logo. An accordion player, sitting nearby, helped to create festive mood. Female promoters dressed in traditional Belarusian clothes were giving out gifts (ribbons and fridge magnets) to every client, wishing them happy Independence Day and inviting them to have their picture taken in the photo-area. Clients were also able to taste traditional Belarusian cuisine, such as “draniki” (grated potato pancakes) with sour cream, refreshing “mors” and others


    We aspire to be as quick, flexible, rational and efficient as possible.

    It is lasting partnerships tied with deep understanding of the client’s business nature and exceptional client service what we value the most.



    Our clients

    Conte Elegant – Shell – Parker - Reckitt Benckiser – LiptonABC – Unilever – Майский – Himalaya – Бест – Vici - G-energy – Cif – ИнкофудРяба – Domestos – ЛидскоеАрсенальноеСлавнефть –M&M’s



    The advantages of working with us:


    Impeccable client service

    We have a database of professional promo-staff working in Minsk as well as in every region centres and in most of the major cities of Belarus.

    We have a fine tuned system of arranging samplings, degustations and outcome surveying

    We can lease promotional equipment if needed.

    We arrange, carry out and maintain fast-track turnkey promotional games and events

    We offer special conditions for media-distribution

    We are a specialized BTL-agency working not only with retailers and goods and services providers, but also with network agencies of full cycle, whom we offer special conditions for carrying out BTL-events.



    We at “Fresh Ideas” are a team of close-knit, young and creative professionals. We are ready to work on intriguing projects any time of the day. We have an office in the very heart of Minsk as well as our affiliates in every regional centre and in major district centres.